Portable Training Potty Seat


Helps to make your child feel comfortable and secure while encouraging toilet training;
Soft padded potty is made of safe materials;
Softly padded for comfort & warmth;
Easily removed for storage;
Fits toilet seats up to a size of 26cm x 22cm (internal);
Ideal for baby potty training;
Handles help child balance;
Easy to clean;

Position the comfy trainer on your existing adult toilet seat,Check to be sure Potty insert is securely on seat;
To clean: wash with soap and warm water or bleach; wipe with a damp cloth,For stubborn stains use a mild household detergent,Don’t use hard abrasive cleaners or bleach;
Parental supervision is recommended when using the comfy trainer;

The seat surface is PVC printing film
The interiors is filled with high-quality sponge
The bottom layer is PP plastic base



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