BUCKLER Alarm Lock

2,000.00 1,600.00



  1. Insert key,turn in a clockwise direction and remove shackle.
  2. Replace shackle into lock with groove towards key port.
  3. The lock will ”beep”,at this point remove the key and the alarm will set after 15 seconds.
  4. When the lock is vibrated twice with in 5 seconds the alarm will sound. The 5 second delay allows the lock to be operated by key without sounding.
  5. The alarm sounds in 10 second intervals. The alarm will keep sounding with constant movement or vibration.
  6. Once stopped the alarm will re-set after 35 seconds.


  1. To use as an ordinary padlock simply insert the shackle with the groove away from the key port.
  2. If using on moving vehicles or equipment use as an ordinary padlock until stationary then alarm may be set.


  1. To replace the batteries remove the 2 screws in the ahackle holes,remove cover and replace the batteries(6*A76/LR44 1.5V).
  2. Be sure to pay attention to polarity and that cover goes on same way it came off.
  3. Batteries should last 2 years under normal operating situations.


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