4d Roller Body Toning Massager

2,200.00 2,000.00

  • Tone Your Body Instantly!
  • Just 2 minutes a day in the morning with the 4D Roller Body Toning Massager will help tone your body lasting up to 5-8 hours.
  • Inspired by the kneading techniques of professional aestheticians, this four roller design imitates the motion of manual lymphatic drainage, kneading firmly while rolling gently to make your body skin firmer.
  • Spa Grade Massage – with its new kneading technology, it relieves sensitive skin, promotes face-lift, tightens body skin, shapes up your body, improves blood circulation and alleviates tension
  • Body Cells Activator – it produces micro current to activate cells and promotes the metabolism of skin
  • 360 Roller Control – this beauty tool is designed in multiple dimensions to handle different angle of your face and body.
  • Waterproof Roller – this beauty tool is submersible in water and can be used during the shower.
  • Safety First Tool – this roller is eco-friendly and harmless to any skin type
  • OMG Beauty Tips:
  • For dry and sensitive skin, please apply some lotion before usage.
  • This is the best beauty tool to use during your 45 mins – 1 hour drama time. 😀
  • Get slimmer face and body today, order one now or get it for your loved ones!


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