SlimStrider 360

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Brenda DyGraf’s SlimStrider X

The SlimStrider X is the solution for burning fat, toning and shaping your legs and increasing your flexibility. Unlike bikes or treadmills, which allow movement in one direciton, the SlimStrider X’s patented ‘ball and joint’ design lets you build strength and flexibility in any direction. Striding off the ground means less impact on the joints. The SlimStrider X’s strong steel frame supports 300 lbs with a small footprint of only 21 inches by 30 inches. A multi-function monitor, premium equipment mat and workout DVD are also included as added bonuses.

Multi-function monitor tracks your status

For added motivation, the multi-function monitor tracks your repetitions, calories and time during your workout.


Product description

One machine, limitless motion: the strider x is the smooth, free-motion workout that burns fat, shapes leaner thighs and helps you feel more flexible than you’ve felt in years. Bikes and treadmills only allow your legs to move in just 1 direction, but the patented “ball and joint” design builds leg strength and hip flexibility from any direction. Most importantly, you’re up off the ground, striding effortlessly without jarring impact to your joints. Your slim St rider features a strong steel frame that supports 300 lbs., yet fits into a space only 21 inches by 30 inches. Plus, the on-board, personal training computer count reps, calories and workout time. Brenda’s freebies for you: in addition to the strider, you’ll receive one DVD with three of Brenda DyGraf high-energy “total body makeover” workouts that will get your heart pumping and your body fat burning! as a bonus, you’ll also receive the premium equipment mat to protect your floors and further secure your machine. After the workout, fold it up and roll it to store in any closet.

  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 18.5 x 47 inches


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