Adjustable Slimming Belt

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Get The Slim Trim Look You’ve always wanted!
You can get slim and trim instantly with Slim Away. Slim Away is an adjustable slimming garment that takes inches off your waste when you wear it. Just put it on and you will find that you belly is gone. Slim Away is amazing and the best part is that it really works. You will feel trimmer and slimmer, and your clothes will fit perfectly.

Slim Away takes inches off your waist to make you look slim instantly! And nobody can tell you’re wearing it! It works for everyone. Slim Away provides great back support, and you can even use it while you exercise to shed water weight faster!
Many men and women work hard at maintaining their ideal body weight, and yet cannot seem to eliminate their “beer belly” or spare tire, and constantly live with the discomfort of having extra fat and inches hang out over their belts. Now, wanting to always look your best can be accomplished by simply slipping on the Slim Away Waist Line Slimming Belt and zipping it up to dramatically and instantly appear 5 Kg to 10 Kg thinner and lighter.

For men and women
Fits size 30″ to 50″ waist
Evaposlim Fabric seals in body heat to help you lose water weight
Smooths bulk around your waist for a smooth, sleek look
5 Zipper closures adjust as you lose weight




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