Ultrathin Vibration Plate

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Ultrathin Vibration Plate

Designed with electric vibration for stimulation and burning of fats.
Shakes away fats, tones body and reduces cellulites.
A must-have exercise equipment for fitness enthusiats.
3 colour options to choose from for personal preference.
Vibrating platform is used as a whole body workout exercise equipment
High-speed workouts are achieved with built-in vibrations
Different speed, timer and intensity settings
Allows you to burn your fats by sweating but without having to move around too much
Compact in size and space saving for storage at home
Measurement: 76cm x 44cm x 13xm
Colours: Red, White, Black

Suitability for all ages and fitness levels.
Innovative sleek and slim line design
One minute increment workout timer.
Low speed and High speed modes for intensity adjustment.
4 different modes,2 LED screens
Oscillating / pivotal multi-dimensional vibration
Bonus resistance bands and remote control
Multiple exercise modes: Walking / Jogging / Running
Capacity: 150kg
Size: 68cm x 39cm x 14cm
CE approved & SAA approved
Complies with AS3191:1996, AS/NZS3112: 2011, AS/NZS3120: 2011

Health Benefits:
Help improve blood circulation
Assist with weight loss and body toning
Increase flexibility and strength
Help tone and lengthen muscles
Help relieve tension, relaxing and massaging

Warranty: 12 Months


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Red, White, Black


12 months


76cm x 44cm x 13xm


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